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Cold Fire absorbs the heat from the fire, while simultaneously cooling the fire’s source. The result is a quick suppression of the fire that’s safe, and environmentally friendly. Completely green and non-toxic and effective for wood/paper fires, as well as oil and gas fires. Cold Fire is also a very low-maintenance suppression option that leaves a very little residue behind.


Alarm Tech Suppression has the expertise and the tools to help you take advantage of this incredible, effective technology. We can supply and service your Cold Fire suppression, tailored to your specific needs.

Reliable Fire Suppression

Put Out the Fire Fast, With Cold Fire

For more than 11 years, Alarm Tech Suppression has been on the cutting-edge of fire suppression technology. In addition to Cold Fire suppression, you’ll also find fire extinguishers, sprinkler system inspection and testing, FM-200 suppression systems, paint booth fire suppression, and more.

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