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You rely on your equipment to keep your business running smoothly. Fire suppression systems are commonly used on heavy power equipment. Common means of detection are through heat sensors, wiring, or manual detection. Any downtime can cost you plenty of money and resources—and no one can afford that, especially today. Keeping everything in good working order is crucial, and that’s why a fire suppression system is so important.


Fire suppression systems from Alarm Tech Suppression use a combination of wet and dry chemicals to put out equipment fires, fast. Depending on the needs of your business and the equipment you use, we’ll help you find the perfect system to protect your employees and keep your business running.

Protect Yourself

Don't Let a Fire Ruin Your Business

We’ll install and service your fire suppression system to ensure you’re in full compliance with all relevant codes. In addition, we offer full fire extinguisher services, as well as kitchen systems, paint booth fire suppression, waterless systems, and Cold Fire suppression.