You rely on your equipment to keep your business running smoothly. Fire suppression systems are commonly used on heavy power equipment. Common means of detection are through heat sensors, wiring, or manual detection. Any downtime can cost you plenty of money and resources—and no one can afford that, especially today. Keeping everything in good working order is crucial, and that’s why a fire suppression system is so important.


Fire suppression systems from Alarm Tech Suppression use a combination of wet and dry chemicals to put out equipment fires, fast. Depending on the needs of your business and the equipment you use, we’ll help you find the perfect system to protect your employees and keep your business running.

Protect Yourself


We’ll install and service your fire suppression system to ensure you’re in full compliance with all relevant codes. In addition, we offer full fire extinguisher services, as well as kitchen systems, paint booth fire suppression, waterless systems, and Cold Fire suppression.

A paint booth fire suppression system includes dry chemical tanks that are discharged when heat-sensitive fuses are broken. During fire, the fuses break and punctures a C02 canister releasing a chemical fire retardant through nozzles positioned throughout the paint booth.


A paint booth fire suppression system from Alarm Tech Suppression is designed to automatically release a fire retardant. It can also be activated by anyone outside the booth. Based on your business needs and the fire codes, we’ll help you build the system that’s right for you.

Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems

Our kitchen hood suppression system will control the risk of a fire. Semi-annual service is paramount to ensuring all cooking equipment is adequately covered and that the system will operate in the event of a fire – and also required by code. With our regular maintenance, we’ll make sure your system is always ready, so you and your employees can feel safe and your business is up to code.

Keep Your Kitchen Safe

Your home or business has precious items that need fire protection, but are also vulnerable to fire suppression systems. Items like computer servers, rare books, and collectibles can be destroyed by water or flame retardant chemicals. The FM-200 fire suppression system offers the perfect solution to this problem.


The FM-200’s waterless, environmentally-safe extinguishing system is stored as a liquid in cylinders, but becomes a gas when exposed to the air. Once the fire has been extinguished, there is no residue left behind, and ventilation easily removes it from the affected area as non-toxic product present in it requires no clean-up.

FM-200 Waterless Fire Protection


For the most part, your sprinkler system remains inactive, meaning that potential problems would be difficult to spot, until it’s too late. It’s crucial that you ensure your sprinkler system will be ready when it’s needed.


Alarm Tech Suppression will provide you with full testing and inspection services of all your sprinkler system elements. We’ll check everything from valves to water flow to make sure everything is working properly, and your employees and business are protected.

Is Your Sprinkler System Ready?