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Your home or business has precious items that need fire protection, but are also vulnerable to fire suppression systems. Items like computer servers, rare books, and collectibles can be destroyed by water or flame retardant chemicals. The FM-200 fire suppression system offers the perfect solution to this problem.


The FM-200’s waterless, environmentally-safe extinguishing system is stored as a liquid in cylinders, but becomes a gas when exposed to the air. Once the fire has been extinguished, there is no residue left behind, and ventilation easily removes it from the affected area as non-toxic product present in it requires no clean-up.

A Range of Fire Protection

Specialized Fire Protection to Valuable Items

The FM-200 waterless fire suppression system protects your most precious items, but at Alarm Tech Suppression, you’ll find a range of fire protection services, including sprinkler inspection and testing, Cold Fire suppression, paint booth suppression, and fire extinguishers.